Not class selector in jQuery

05/15/2020 05:00:02

Is there a simple selector expression to not select elements with a specific class?

<div class="first-foo" />
<div class="first-moo" />
<div class="first-koo" />
<div class="first-bar second-foo" />

I just want to get the first three divs and tried


But this receives all as the last div contains more than first-bar. Is there a way to use a placeholder in such an expression? Something like that

$(div[class^="first-"][class!="first-bar*"]) // doesn't seem to work

Any other selectors that may help?

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01/06/2011 15:53:15

You need the :not() selector:


or, alternatively, the .not() method:


Answer #2 (85 Votes)

01/06/2011 15:53:38

You can use the :not filter selector:


Or not() method:


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