Checking if a variable is an integer

05/01/2020 03:00:02

I have the following code

    $page = $_GET['p'];

    if($page == "")
        $page = 1;
    if(is_int($page) == false)
        setcookie("error", "Invalid page.", time()+3600);
    //else continue with code

which I am going to use for looking at different "pages" of a database (results 1-10, 11-20, etc). I can't seem to get the is_int() function to work correctly, however. Putting "1" into the url (noobs.php?p=1) gives me the invalid page error, as well as something like "asdf".

Answer #1 (31 Votes)

06/21/2011 01:04:23

All $_GET parameters have a string datatype, therefore, is_int will always return false.

You can see this by calling var_dump:

var_dump($_GET['p']); // string(2) "54"

Using is_numeric will provide the desired result (mind you, that allows values such as: 0x24).


Answer #2 (25 Votes)

06/21/2011 01:05:04

When the browser sends p in the querystring, it is received as a string, not an int. is_int() will therefore always return false.

Instead try is_numeric() or ctype_digit()

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