Disable Laravel's Eloquent timestamps

04/02/2020 16:00:01

I'm in the process of converting one of our web applications from CodeIgniter to Laravel. However at this moment we don't want to add the updated_at / created_at fields to all of our tables as we have a logging class that does all this in more depth for us already.

I'm aware I can set $timestamps = false; in:


However I'd rather not change a core file for Laravel, or have everyone of my models have that at the top. Is there any way to disable this elsewhere for all models?

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11/13/2013 00:01:36

You either have to declare public $timestamps = false; in every model, or create a BaseModel, define it there, and have all your models extend it instead of eloquent. Just bare in mind pivot tables MUST have timestamps if you're using Eloquent.

Update: Note that timestamps are no longer REQUIRED in pivot tables after Laravel v3.

Update: You can also disable timestamps by removing $table->timestamps() from your migration.


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11/01/2014 18:49:39

Simply add this line to your Model:

public $timestamps = false;



namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Post extends Model
    public $timestamps = false;


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09/11/2014 15:12:19

If you only need to only to disable updating updated_at just add this method to your model.

public function setUpdatedAtAttribute($value)
    // to Disable updated_at

This will override the parent setUpdatedAtAttribute() method. created_at will work as usual. Same way you can write a method to disable updating created_at only.

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