Find if the installed PHP is threadsafe or nonthreadsafe?

04/21/2020 10:00:01

How do I find out whether the installed version of PHP is threadsafe or not thread safe?

Please note that I'm not asking the difference between a threadsafe/non thread safe installation. I would like to find out what is installed currently.

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04/27/2011 11:37:17

Open a phpinfo() and search for the line Thread safety. For a thread-safe build you should find enable.

As specified in the comments by Muhammad Gelbana you can also use:

  • On Windows : php -i|findstr "Thread"
  • On *nix: php -i|grep Thread

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03/05/2012 19:37:29

If you prefer to use the command line:

  • *nix:

    php -i | grep -i "Thread"
  • Windows:

    php -i | findstr -i "thread"

This should give you something like this:

Thread Safety => enabled


Thread Safety => disabled

Answer #3 (4 Votes)

04/27/2011 12:31:43

Create a new PHP file and insert this code in it:

phpinfo(); ?>

Then run this page and you will find all of the PHP information. Search for the term that you want, and it will show you it's enabled.

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