Is native PHP support for Web Sockets available?

05/01/2020 00:00:01

Looking for Hello World Type Example of Web Sockets Implementation:

Here is Socket Create reference from but this looks more low level than Web Sockets.

I want to use this Web Sockets as shown here on which is now implemented in all new major browsers.

A Google search turned up this Nets.TutsPlus site in which I can use the JavaScript example code...but I need to know how to implement the server-side in PHP not Java, Ruby, or Node.js as in the example.

Is PHP Socket Create relevant? Does PHP natively support Web Sockets? I guess just a point in the right direction for PHP implementation would help.

Actually the tutorial has a broken link to this the library one should use? has a test application, but no mention of PHP.

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08/31/2012 01:02:59

There isn't native support in terms of there being a standard PHP WebSocket object natively available.

You'll need to use a library.

The next thing to consider is how the WebSocket server runs. Normally PHP runs in Apache, Nginx (via FastCGI) or on Microsoft IIS (via Fast CGI). With Apache and IIS this may be a problem as it's not really built with persistent connections such as WebSockets in mind. I'm not sure about Nginx. This is why most PHP WebSocket libraries will be built as standalone libraries to be run as their own processes.


Note: IE10 is now released in Windows 8

Also see: Ajax push system

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