include a php file and also send query parameters

04/22/2020 22:00:02

I have to show a page from my php script based on certain conditions. I have an if condition and am doing an "include" if the condition is satisfied.

if(condition here){
  include "myFile.php?id='$someVar'";

Now the problem is the server has a file "myFile.php" but I want to make a call to this file with an argument (id) and the value of "id" will change with each call.

Can someone please tell me how to achieve this? Thanks.

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08/05/2009 15:25:23

Imagine the include as what it is: A copy & paste of the contents of the included PHP file which will then be interpreted. There is no scope change at all, so you can still access $someVar in the included file directly (even though you might consider a class based structure where you pass $someVar as a parameter or refer to a few global variables).


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08/05/2009 15:29:22

You could do something like this to achieve the effect you are after:


However, it sounds like you are using this include like some kind of function call (you mention calling it repeatedly with different arguments).

In this case, why not turn it into a regular function, included once and called multiple times?


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08/05/2009 15:30:12

An include is just like a code insertion. You get in your included code the exact same variables you have in your base code. So you can do this in your main file :

    if ($condition == true)
        $id = 12345;
        include 'myFile.php';

And in "myFile.php" :

    echo 'My id is : ' . $id . '!';

This will output :

My id is 12345 !

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