Store print_r result into a variable as a string or text

04/10/2020 19:00:01

If I use print_r or var_dump it displays the result on the screen, but I want this data to be stored in a variable so that I can write it to a file.

How do I do this?

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02/17/2012 13:32:16
   $var = print_r($what, true);

You must add true into print_r.


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02/17/2012 15:03:24

What you do while you print or dump? Basically you send your data (result or anything) to Show it on screen. Keep your mind clear that its not saved, it is just displayed, To save the data , so a simple thing, just declare a variable and assign the data to it..

for example you are printing some array like this..


to save this, you just have to add an option , set Return to TRUE and assign it to a variable

$myVariable=print_r(myArray, TRUE);

if you need some more information, Follow this

hoping this will help you understanding the concept


Answer #3 (2 Votes)

02/19/2014 07:04:00
$result = ob_get_clean();

it works.

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