ucfirst() function for multibyte character encodings

05/11/2020 02:00:02

I've asked about strtolower function. But when using foreign characters it doesn't convert them into uppercase, so I must use:


But what can I do, if I want to use ucfirst() function? I haven't found any similar function, where I can set encoding type.

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03/25/2010 22:43:29

There is no mb_ucfirst function, as you've already noticed. You can fake a mb_ucfirst with two mb_substr:

function mb_ucfirst($string, $encoding)
    $strlen = mb_strlen($string, $encoding);
    $firstChar = mb_substr($string, 0, 1, $encoding);
    $then = mb_substr($string, 1, $strlen - 1, $encoding);
    return mb_strtoupper($firstChar, $encoding) . $then;

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08/22/2012 08:49:26

This is more concise solution, although it is rather similar to ucwords function:

$final_string = mb_convert_case($your_string, MB_CASE_TITLE, 'UTF-8');

If you need to capitalize string consist of one word, it is the best solution.


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01/04/2013 21:52:19
function mb_ucfirst($string)
    return mb_strtoupper(mb_substr($string, 0, 1)).mb_strtolower(mb_substr($string, 1));
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