Update without touching timestamps (Laravel)

05/12/2020 03:30:02

Is it possible to update a user without touching the timestamps?

I don't want to disable the timestamps completly..


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09/20/2013 04:02:33

Disable it temporarily:

$user = User::find(1);
$user->timestamps = false;
$user->age = 72;

You can optionally re-enable them after saving.

This is a Laravel 4 and 5 only feature and does not apply to Laravel 3.


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03/08/2016 10:59:30

In Laravel 5.2, you can set the public field $timestamps to false like this:

$user->timestamps = false;
$user->name = 'new name';

Or you can pass the options as a parameter of the save() function :

$user->name = 'new name';
$user->save(['timestamps' => false]);

For a deeper understanding of how it works, you can have a look at the class \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model, in the method performUpdate(Builder $query, array $options = []) :

protected function performUpdate(Builder $query, array $options = [])
    // [...]

    // First we need to create a fresh query instance and touch the creation and
    // update timestamp on the model which are maintained by us for developer
    // convenience. Then we will just continue saving the model instances.
    if ($this->timestamps && Arr::get($options, 'timestamps', true)) {

    // [...]

The timestamps fields are updated only if the public property timestamps equals true or Arr::get($options, 'timestamps', true) returns true (which it does by default if the $options array does not contain the key timestamps).

As soon as one of these two returns false, the timestamps fields are not updated.


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08/16/2016 08:33:17

Above samples works cool, but only for single object (only one row per time).

This is easy way how to temporarily disable timestamps if you want to update whole collection.

class Order extends Model


    public function scopeWithoutTimestamps()
        $this->timestamps = false;
        return $this;


Now you can simply call something like this:

Order::withoutTimestamps()->leftJoin('customer_products','customer_products.order_id','=','orders.order_id')->update(array('orders.customer_product_id' => \DB::raw('customer_products.id')));
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